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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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What are the causes of lower back pain ?

Backache complained of many, especially because of some routine daily habits that we do, or some wrong habits practiced by some people as the Lamb of something heavy without creating body and stand healthy and stand or sit for long periods at work without taking a break and walk a bit to soften the muscles of the back lower.

Back pain is associated with pain paragraphs spine, ligaments, cartilage, nerves and muscles may be in some cases very painful to the point that a person can not do or sitting quite comfortable, and thus remains inherent to bed for a few days so he can feel better.

What causes back pain ?
  • The main reason for lower back pain is associated with the exposed spinal cord nerves to the type of injury and will cause a backlash from the muscle to protect the nerves thus exposing the muscle to push the so-called muscle spasm.
  • Another reason for lower back pain and is doing some sudden movements without creating body and stand as unhealthy and will cause some pain which is called muscle tension.
  • There are some problems in the spine structure cut a ligament or cartilage generates some slippage at the bottom of the back pain as a result of pressure on the nerves.
  • The presence of birth defects of the spine since birth and existence of curvature or the presence of some Convexities that may cause severe pain in the back and bottom.
In some cases, the treatment of low back pain associated with comfortable or taking a warm water bath and exposure to the movement of the muscles that run on heating and leave it fallow as the doctor described some muscle relaxants and some anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve pain and is working to housed.

In some other cases it requires surgical intervention, particularly disc disease, sciatica, or in this case the operation is performed by a competent physician may be cured, but the disease may return in the coming years.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2016

This list contains the best sites to improve and increase the traffic for your WebSites

01.HitLeap: is a Traffic Exchange service that helps deliver more website traffic to its numerous customers.
Anyone can participate in the free Traffic Exchange system. When you participate, you will be shown the websites of other members. In return, your website will be viewed by thousands of other active members. Alternatively, you can simply buy a traffic package from us and start receiving website hits within minutes!

02.Otohits: is a traffic exchange system. After your registration, you will be able to add your sites. After then, you will need to earn credits by the autosurf we provide to you. Websites will appear and you will earn 1 point for each seconds you stay on the autosurf. Now let it works alone! Credit your site and there will be seen by other users.

03.Hit4Hit: is a community dedicated to bring more traffic to your website. We are building a system to make your website more SEO friendly.

04.10Khits: is the leading traffic exchange service that empowers thousands of webmasters with unlimited real human visitors to their websites — no bots. With 10KHits, users can receive hundreds of thousands of hits to their websites, get more conversions, boost their website's Alexa rank and increase their website's value.

05.eBesucher: Lots of members, fast delivery, and geotargeting. Can convert credits to cash.

06.RankBoostup: A free way to increase your website traffic and boost alexa rankings with the #1 alexa booster

07.Alexa Master: is an innovating system, which helps one to get a lot of visitors easily. We invented this system to help millions of website owners who are tired of getting traffic into their website with disappointing results. After joining our program, not only your website ranking will increased within just a few weeks, but also will your traffic with genuine visitors.

08.Autosurf Websyndic: is an autosurf traffic exchange system, which distributes free visits. Millions visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system allows you to increase your advertising revenue, your rankings position and more.

09.StripHits: is the best way to increase your website and boost Alexa Rankings, Fast & Free.

10.EasyHits4U: is one the most prominent online marketing programs on the Web. Over 1,211,000 members joined our program during the last twelve years.
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Top 10 Free Backlinks for your Website

Backlink definition

A backlink or inbound link is a hyperlink placed on a page of a website A that points to a page of a website B.
Under certain conditions, a backlink circulates (Google juice) from page A to page B. The quality and number of backlinks pointing to your website are to be monitored to improve your popularity and visibility.


Rapid Indexer submits your URLs to various statistic sites. this website sends your URLs to over 15,000 sites which gives you that many one way backlinks and Rapidly gets your URLs indexed by Google.

BackLinkr automatically builds high quality backlinks for your webpage, Generate back links on well established websites which are frequently crawled by search engines, quickly helping with SEO and improving your page rank on all search engine.

IM Talk Website Submitter
Im talk website submitter will make for your website +1800 free backlinks. All these 1,800+ websites are manly "who is", "about us", "website statistic", etc. type of services.

2000 BackLink
This website offer for your website free backlink tool will create +2000 pages about your site with backlinks pointing back to your site. Some of them are no-follow & do-follow, but  very established and regularly crawled by Google.

 Your pages will be visited, getting backlinks and indexed  frequently by Google bot & other search engines.

Domain Pinger
will ping your domain to 2450+ different websites. included a large number of websites that accepts free listings and they are mainly who is, website statistic, about us, info, value, business listings and directories.

SEO Unity
This website make your website URL to 660 different websites that automatically offer free Backlinks to your website. Each of these sites has been collected and validated in a master list, and our free tool automates the entire process for you. We hope you enjoy our free Backlinks generator tool.

Is a great tool for webmasters and service providers. You can create high quality BackLinks from info sites. This tool also use your Keywords, Domain name and many common terms randomly to build perfect variation of anchor texts.

Small SEO Tools
Generate a large number of high value backlinks ina matter of seconds. Simply enter your website in this site and click “Make” to watch the free backlink maker tool do its job.

Ser Backlink
This website generate And Ping 2500 Backlinks, allow you to submit keyword(s) along with each backlink and ping that you generate.

USEME.org will automatically ping your link to 2400+ different websites. included a large number of websites that accepts free listings, and they are mainly info, who is, about us, website statistic, value, business listings and directories.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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How to put the Open Graph Tags Facebook For Blogger

In this lesson we will show you how to add Open Graph Tags Facebook code on the blog. to post topics of blog on Facebook pages in fine format, while also giving your followers good results to facilitate understanding of the subject published.

As it appears in the image above, the publication includes large image + the publication title + description + the name of your site + the name of publisher

The codes you have to put in your blogger should be placed under the head  <HEAD>

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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What means affiliation ?

Affiliation gives you the opportunity to effectively market your products and services online.
The main advantage is the performance pay.
As an advertiser, you boost your leads and sales and only pay for transactions.
As a publisher, you can monetize your online traffic by promoting the advertisers' products and services.

Affiliation is a system of exchange between a affiliator (seller) and an affiliate (diffuser) who agrees to post on its website the business offers of affiliators against remuneration.

The affiliate makes money with its website and affiliators has increased its sales with this publicity.

The principles of affiliation

The links

Links to affiliators appear as visual elements (banners, buttons, skyscrapers, product search forms, ...) or text links (contextual links or brand name) to the website affiliator.

The remuneration is variable

To display: displaying the banner or pop-up
At the click: the user clicks on the link to affiliators
Double click: the user clicks on the link and click a second time on the site affiliators
Sale: the user makes a payment on the website of affiliators
To the form: the user fills out a form (questionnaire, registration ...) on the site affiliator

The visitors into buyers transformation ratios rarely reach more than 1%. Despite this low percentage, membership remains a powerful marketing tool because without risk.
Some affiliate networks announce up to 70%, but commissions are frequently around 1 to 20%.
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Different modes of remuneration of affiliation

Indeed, many terms exist in this field, but it is to use them adequately. This is why we have chosen to give you the exact definitions of the different acronyms related to the cost in web marketing.

What is the CPC ?

The CPC is an acronym for Cost Per Click. This is actually a method of billing for advertising space.
For example, Google Adwords, when you make a référérencement Pay campaign, you will pay CPC. This means that if someone clicks on your ad, then you will pay that click.

The CPC is also used in affiliation, on display in re-marketing and in the field of email marketing.

What is the CPA ?

The CPA is an acronym siginifant Cost Per Acquisition.
In the same way that the CPC, CPA is a form of compensation that is payable to the number of acquisitions.
For example, you pay a site that you hire files in proportion to the number of acquisitions customers you will make on this file.

What is the CPL ?

CPL stands for Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Lead in English.
It is also a billing process to the performance that can be used in the field of web marketing.
Compensation is made based on the number of generated business contacts. The latter being more or less qualified: what differentiates CPL CPA

What is CPM ?

CPM stands for cost per thousand. This is the basis of pricing method of display advertising on the Internet.

What is it? It's simple, it's actually the cost charged to the advertiser per thousand impressions or views of advertising.
The CPM allows the advertiser to control its visibility on online media. Here the audience is not taken into account in the distribution.

What is the CPV ?

CPV is the acronym for: cost per viewing.
It is a cost related to web marketing specially used for billing of video advertising space to performance.
Indeed, if a user views video advertising such a short time, then it will be charged to the advertiser.

The CPC is increasingly used in the field of web with great emergence of video advertising on websites.
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The importance of marketing and his objectives

Genesis and evolution of marketing

If we want to trace the evolution of marketing, we can say that marketing has existed since time immemorial concept now called barter, where people then meet in a specific market and known by everyone at a certain time to take place, including swaps and exchange of agricultural and craft products that they produce on their farms and their crafts. With the advent of cash there is no trade-off, but turned to the process of buying and selling by circulating in the country and in certain markets currencies.

And it continued to do so that trade between the countries began to cross land and sea, so she commercial flights between the East and the West, between China and India, the Middle East and Europe, and between the Levant and Hijaz and Yemen.

In these times there were no problems with marketing and promoting products because the market at the time was that any vendors market demand is greater than supply products. And continued to do this form to the industrial revolution, the emergence of the steam engine, evolution of production in terms of quantity and quality, and the market remained at the beginning producers market, deities marketing in terms of interest in him modest, and the concept of marketing at the time called the concept the selling of marketing which is limited to the ad consumer definition of a commodity.

With the passage of time and the evolution of technological and scientific fields in our lives and the increasing number of rapid population
 Large-scale production and improved quality afternoon and appeared competition between Almndmat in all countries of the world, especially after the development of communication tools and rapid transit. Under these circumstances, the market has become in most countries of the world consumer market, where he became a show products greater than demand.

Consumers who want to buy a car, for example, has become the dozens of alternatives, and manufacturers are all trying to gain a larger share or percentage of the market.

In line with these conditions and circumstances, marketing is becoming havens and effective means by which organizations can rely on to promote their sales and gain market.

And it became his marketing principles and rules, and founded its own, and can be employed to achieve good sales number and the appropriate organization profits. At present, the development of a marketing concept that entered into a new stage is the stage of the social concept of marketing that emphasizes the marketing activity is no longer free to be planned and promoted as he pleases without regard to the interests of society and its citizens.

Marketing is that it seeks to achieve the interests and welfare of the community and the consumers, by satisfying their needs and desires.  and through its marketing activities to assume their responsibility in this area, and are trying to reconcile the three main considerations are : satisfy the needs and desires of consumers, making profits, and taking into account the interests and welfare of the community by promoting sincere and appropriate pricing and fair competition.

Marketing definition.

Definitions vary according to marketing ideologies and intellectuals.

1. STANTON definition: Marketing is an integrated system in which the handle a range of activities aimed at planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of services and goods production.

2. ROSENBERG definition: Marketing is the process whereby the suitability of the product can provide a marketing mix.

3. Definition of the American Society of Marketing (1960): Marketing is the business activity that directs the goods and services from the producer to the consumer.

4. MeCarthy definition: Marketing is an implementation guide the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer activities.

5. Definition of SCOH, REWOLD, WARSHAW: Marketing is the process in a society which is predicted under which the structure or the demand for goods and services and economic size and then satisfy them and this is done through cognitive processes, promotion, exchange and distribution.

Through previous definitions can give a comprehensive definition of marketing as follows:

«Marketing is a social and administrative process gets through which individuals and groups on their needs and desires by creating and delivering value and exchange with other products.»
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